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General Discussion / INFORMATION important Announcement
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:32:48 am »
Hello! Dear Killing Force Members, I think most you should already know by now. That our beloved Founder StyLisH^ is not among us anymore.  May GOD rest his soul in eternal peace. Ameen! This is really sad news for the whole clan. And it’s hard to believe that StyLisH^ is not with us anymore.
I also know that our clan really needs a new Leader, the one who have appropriate skills to be the Respected Leader of the clan. I see how Grayson and StephenCurry strained their finest to for the sake of the clan. I really appreciate that. Moreover I believe that Grayon is ready to be the Leader.

                                                                          ,<<<<<<< “[KF]Grayson is the Leader of Killing Force clan now” >>>>>>>,

Server News / INFORMATION Server Officially Active
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:15:57 am »
Hello Everyone. Name of our Server has been changed. Its new name is “Aristocracy Official Server”. Everyone is welcome to join us there. At first we can say, it was only for us, since name was same as our clan name. However now its name is changed for good.
Note: Please Read our Server rules, before playing.

Server Information / INFORMATION The list of Hackers
« on: July 05, 2016, 02:05:56 pm »
You can send in this topic the names of the hackers you've seen on the server. Sending pictures or videos as proofs will be appreciated. I will try to update "The list of hackers" regularly.
I bet no one of us likes hackers, and you have to know, the one thing, that can make me mad is those unfair players. But there are players who used to play fair, but then, perhaps because of having a bad moment, or for another reason, they did a mistake, and they started to hack.
I suggest if someone of them can give us an undoubted proof, that he/she plays fair again, the person in question to be removed from this list. I've never tolerated hackers, so don't get my words as weakness.We need more players on the server. If someone realizes, that he/she was wrong, by removing such a player from the list, he/she could get inspired to play fair again.

The list of hackers:


KF Clan News / INFORMATION New Moderator Added.
« on: July 02, 2016, 12:41:37 pm »
After a long discussion, we decide that Gohan will be the new Moderator of [KF]. because we know him from 3 years he will do his job well i believe. don't let us down gohan, Its a big responsibility to be a Moderator, i know you can take it. Congrulations!

Server Information / Server
« on: June 17, 2016, 04:00:20 pm »
our Server finally working fine now, most of the bugs has been fixed. Now its time to pawn all! yey!!
Special Thanks to [Private staff and BO$$]

Discussion / [KF] pawning nabs!
« on: May 07, 2016, 12:00:51 pm »
Isn't it Great! that's called a true team work, it shows that we really are one! :)
these days we are pawns some true clan.  ;)

KF Clan Information / INFORMATION Clan Members List
« on: April 26, 2016, 02:42:36 pm »
The Killing Force Clan has been in the region of Vice City since April 5th, 2016, Originally Founded by StyLisH^ the owner of KF.

I will keep updating this list.

KF Clan Founder:
[KF]StyLisH^  (Legend)
[KF]Thunder^  (active)

The Clan Leaders:
[KF]ZeeFighter^  (inactive)
[KF]Anonymous^  (inactive)

[KF]Grayson^  (inactive)
[KF]DarkRaZoR^  (active)
[KF]StephenCurry^  (active)

The Clan Moderators:
[KF]302^  (active)
[KF]Gohan^  (inactive)
[KF]Gr1m[R]eaP3R^  (active)
[KF]D4rkX1d3R^  (active)

KF Clan Members:
[KF]Night^  (active)
[KF]LeO^  (active)
[KF]Alexxyt240^  (active)
[KF]dev1ce^  (active)
[KF]BELBO^ (active)
[KF]Los^ (inactive)
[KF]historyguy^ (active)
[KF]KingBowserKoopa^ (active)
[KF]JONAS^ (active)
[KF]BlackOpsKiller^ (active)
[KF]Killer_King^ (active)
[KF]Beast_Boy^ (active) 
[KF]AppleJack^ (active)
[KF]Gynla^ (active)
[KF]OKoWo^ (active)                 
[KF]MrRethz (active)

KF Clan Trainees:
[KFt]Jim2x^  (inactive)
[KFt]DarK^ (inactive)
[KFt]Dead_Man^ (active)
[KFt]SBN^ (active)
[KFt]GerZ^ (active)
[KFt]DasHinG^ (active)
[KFt]DarKDraGoN^ (active)
[KFt]Afterburner (active)
[KFt]Sas (active)

Previous Members:
[KFt]Pyramid^ (Left the clan)
[KFt]Stealth^ (kicked)
[KF]D.E.[[V]].I.L (left the clan)
[KF]Shadow.Jack^ (left the clan)
[KF]Error[X] (kicked)
[KF]Lonely (kicked)
[KFt]SaiF (left the clan)
[KFt]Mano (Kicked)
[KFt]LyzoR^ (Kicked)
[KFt]DarkSid3r (Kicked)
[KF]DanielS (left the clan)
[KFt]Vipe[R] (left the clan)
[KF]MAZE (left the clan)
[KF]JINX (left the clan)
[KF]Abdo (left the clan)   
[KFt]WiLD_HuNteR(left the clan)
=KF=MaSoN^ AKA =KF=Roycewicz^(left the clan)
[KF]IceBlood(left the clan)
[KF]BlackBird^(left the clan)

The Fake Members:
Those Players who pretend to be KF members, actually they are not, they are nothing else but noobs.

Member Count: 38

KF Clan Information / INFORMATION KF Clan Rules
« on: April 26, 2016, 12:24:50 pm »
Our clan rules are:

   Be respectful, and keep in mind that you represent the Killing Force clan.
   Any member who plays without wearing the KF tag will be in real trouble.
   You have to be good in using weapons especially Stubby, shotgun, m4, m60.
   Hunters, Sea sparraws, drive by killings are allowed so you must be good at them, but when you join other servers you have to respect their rules.
   Any sort of hacks is strictly NOT allowed in clan.
   Don’t change your nickname without telling the clan Leader or Founder.
   Don't tell anyone, where you from, We are all from Killing Force.

If you break these rules, you will be kicked from the clan.

KF Clan Information / INFORMATION KF Clan Tags: [KF] aka =KF= and [KFt] aka =KFt=
« on: April 26, 2016, 11:50:28 am »
The Killing Force clan has two tags.

The first tag is [KF] or =KF=
These tags stands for full Killing Force members. Which means each member who wears these tags should be able to fight well, has good manners, speaks English well or at least in an understandable way, trains trial members and can fight in a team with no problem.

The second tag is [KFt] or =KFt=
These tags stands for the Killing Force trial members. When players apply for the clan and we think they are still not superior enough to be full members and can do better in the future, we give them these tags for a period of time and after improving their English or fighting skills, we promote them to full KF members. Trials will apply in a special board that only can be seen at trail member’s level, Members can be promoted to full members and they will have to follow the application format in that board.

P.S. Players with bad manners won't even have a chance to be [KFt] members.

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