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Accepted Applications / Re: Clan Application - DasHinG^
« on: March 19, 2019, 02:33:51 pm »

Use the KFt tag wherever you go.

Clan Leaving Applications / Re: Leaving KF
« on: March 02, 2019, 12:57:20 pm »
As expected...

Good luck with your future / wherever you go.

Accepted Applications / Re: Application -Gynla
« on: March 02, 2019, 12:55:38 pm »
Hello Gynla,

It was indeed nice to see you base your interest upon the KF clan by posting an application, I hope you remain loyal to us.

I see you've received many positive votes, therefore,

Accepted as Trainee

Feel free to use the KFt tag wherever you go.

Clan Joining Applications / Re: Application
« on: February 23, 2019, 12:11:41 pm »
You have my vote as long as you can work on your activity a little,

Neutral for now.

Accepted Applications / Re: Application -Gynla
« on: February 23, 2019, 12:10:54 pm »
Average skills, good attitude, it's a Yes from my side.

Good luck

Clan Leaving Applications / Re: Leaving Application
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:35:12 pm »
Alright, based upon Abdo*'s so called "real reasons" for leaving us, I would like to reply here and explain / clarify each and everything that he's mentioned, since he also mentioned my name and pretty much everything he brought up in that speech is false. If he thinks he can talk shit about KF and the members associated with it expecting me to sit quietly then he's indeed wrong. Therefore, everything will be shown and explained below...

Here you can see, on the very day when Abdo was accepted in the KF clan, (19th Jan) He was asking for leader rank and also trying to manipulate me by stating that if Stylish was alive he would make him leader, which I personally think is very untrue since loyalty matters more than anything else, and Abdo has already left us once before in the past. And I tried my best to explain to him that first off all loyalty must be proven if he wants to get anywhere close to that claimed leader rank in the future.

Alongside of recently talking shit about KF and against the clan members too, Abdo* also mentioned this regarding our well known / trusted clan member =KF=_302_ which makes it clear that if he can talk shit about his own brothers, and KF, the clan of his so called "best friend" Stylish, he can talk shit about anyone.

A few days later, Abdo* brought his "clan terms" and explained them to me, he basically insisted for permission to kick some clan members once he becomes KF leader, (if he does) I disagreed with his terms and wondered how he gave in so easily, but it wasn't the end, he continued on with these kind of things as I'll show later on below... But yeah, as you can see, he was once again eager for the leader rank.

This screenshot is more self explanatory, it brings a good start to my point of Abdo* only being with us for ranks, he was ready to leave the clan because Grayson locked his full membership application to open it up when Abdo*'s 15 days as trainee have passed, (as per the clan rules.)

Once again, a more self explanatory screenshot showing how he's so eager for that leader rank and once again involving Stylish in the conversation to try and manipulate me.


This is what I was referring to above when Abdo* brought his so called "terms" to me and how he was prepared to leave the clan if I didn't accept his "terms".

Another screenshot leading on from above, and showing how Abdo* is insulting KF and praising other clans, I guess I'll only say, if you prefer those clans so much Abdo, you should have never thought of coming back to us, I don't think KF is the right place for such low minded ppl like you.


Once again begging for leader rank as expected.

And he says he wasn't with us for the rank, lmfao what a joke.

Once again threatening to leave the clan if his full membership application isn't accepted asap, (it had no votes during that time when he was begging me.)

So desperate to be a leader, yet doesn't even understand the basic rules and regulations of the clan.

Says he's ready for leader as soon as his full membership got accepted.

I gathered alot more screenshots proving how completely how he only cared about rank and nothing else, but it's pointless to show every single one since it will just make my post alot longer and I'm sure you guys get the idea already from the screenshots shown above.

Clan Killing Under Alias

Me and Abdo* were both playing at VKs up until the point where he left to apparently go to sleep, based upon this, I started fighting with random players there when a random player with the nick "Saikol" started teleporting to me and fighting with me along with the other players I was fighting, but I had some suspicions since Saikol's fighting style and ping matched exactly that of Abdo*'s, after a little more time of this being continued, I was pretty much convinced that he's Abdo*, So I decided to confront him to see what he comes up with.

This is how the conversation started.

Meanwhile, Saikol's aliases were shared to me by a staff member, therefore there was no doubt at all now.

However, after continuous attempts of trying to get Abdo* to admit the truth, followed by him continuously even using God's name to lie and say that it wasn't him with so much confidence,

It came to this, after around 30 minutes.


I would include each and every screenshot on how he was continuously lying and making stories with so much confidence, even while using God's name, but it would make my post ridiculously long.

But yeah, the main point is that the guy is a big liar too and can't be trusted at all.

Here's the aliases btw, for anyone interested.

I then suggested to him that he may be demoted to trainee for the committed offense.

and as expected, that was his reply, it's funny how whenever it came to rank, he was prepared to leave instantly and he claims that he never cared about rank.

But anyways, regardless of the rule he broke, I let it slide and overlooked it hoping that he would change his ways, so his full member rank remained.

I then received this message from him the next day

I really didn't know what to say, I was thinking to myself, how retarded can a person be, he broke a serious rule and was here the next day asking for leader rank once again. As you can see, he tried his best to make it out to be that he's leaving the clan in "shame" due to his actions, but it's obvious that the reality was nothing but that I refused to give him leader rank as expected ofc.

It then came to my attention that Abdo* was insulting VKs admins ingame since his admin application got denied, so I decided to discuss it with him.

As expected, (due to the outcome of every other convo too) he brought the "leader rank" into the conversation, seriously if this isn't called being in a clan just for the rank, then I really don't know what is.

Followed on from above... once again a self explanatory screenshot.

Forum Permission Abuse

A fellow VCMP player "Sas" posted an application which Abdo* denied even though no one had voted on the app, his permission to deny apps was then removed until further notice / until he explained why he did it.

But as expected, he officially left the clan on the 10th of Feb due to his permission being taken from him, (it came down to rank once again, as expected.)

So, the real reason as to why Abdo* officially left KF was basically due to not receiving the leader rank, any other reason, (especially those said by him) are complete bullshit, and I've proved that.

After he left the clan, he tried to make up more reasons as to why he left the clan, but nothing was able to cover up the truth of him leaving due to rank, which is obvious.

He even claimed that I said that I'll make him leader directly once he's accepted as full member, (another pathetic lie ofc as expected) I then asked him to prove this by showing the appropriate message from any of our conversations since the day I met him.

And exactly one hour later, he came up with this fake proof which was also expected.

Anyone who knows me will know it's fake, since my English style isn't like that and either way it's obvious that it's fake.

Alongside of all this, Abdo* was seen talking bad about me today and suggesting that he'll join VU clan, none of this bothers me though since I expected him to talk bad about him since I figured out his true reality, and I hope that VU are also able to figure out what kind of a person Abdo* actually is and that they avoid allowing such ppl to enter their clan.

The first message means- Thunder tricked me (or some shit similar to that)

The second message is something that someone says to someone when they do something really bad to them, (it's like an insult, meaning that God will take revenge.)

(I also believe that he has applied to VU clan today)

I guess by this point he knew that he fucked up, but either way, that brings my "exposing Abdo" section of the post to a brief end, I hope that I made everything clear and understandable for each and everyone to be aware of the clear reality of Abdo*. And as I mentioned, there were much more aspects / screenshots of Abdo*'s reality which would indeed shock everyone, but my main intention was to convey my points and get them across, and as I said, it would make the post way too long.

Although, before bringing my post to a complete end, I'd like to convey a message over to Abdo*.

Hello Abdo,

I know by the end of this post, you're most likely thinking that I hate you or something similar, this isn't the case. However, one thing for sure, you've proved that you only ever cared about rank, you didn't care about Stylish, his clan in general, or anything else. You were just here for the leader rank and that's a fact as I've completely proven it.

And it's sad for it to end this way to be honest, since I would have kicked you that day for clan killing and other rule-breaks yet I overlooked it, and rather than showing a sense of gratefulness / appreciation, you proved your reality and what kind of person you indeed are, in the past I respected you as my elder brother, especially since knowing you're 20 years of age, but I don't see anything like that happening in the near future after all you've done, you only ruined your image for yourself which will soon be clear to everyone and no one will wish to take you on as a member of their clan anymore, atleast until you prove to have changed your ways.

Either way, thanks for giving your attention to the clan, it's a good bye.

Clan Joining Applications / Re: Joining-Application
« on: February 09, 2019, 06:34:18 am »
I've known you since quite a long time mainly from Viceland days, but you used to behave childish in those days, so I would like to ensure that you've stopped those bad / childish habits before I cast my vote.

Neutral for now.

Denied Applications / Re: I want to join KF Clan..
« on: February 08, 2019, 03:44:23 pm »
You don't seem ready as of now, it's a No from my side.

Good luck in the future.

General Discussion / Re: My last message
« on: January 30, 2019, 04:28:20 am »
It was pretty obvious that you wanted to betray us since a long time which is why you posted around 4 leaving apps in total during your entire time in KF which proves that you never really had a sense of loyalty towards the clan either, you were always looking for opportunities to leave us whenever you can. But it's sad tbh since I always saw you as a good individual and was glad to have you in the clan, but now I don't feel the same way after seeing your actions, atleast for now.

In terms of your apology, that's fine, I'm not the kind of person to hold grudges against anyone.

Take care.

Clan Leaving Applications / Re: Leaving Application
« on: January 23, 2019, 05:36:22 am »
You should think carefully before leaving us since you've tried to make the same decision 4 times before but you always end up getting your app closed, and I'm sure there's some other reason behind you wanting to leave, just like last time... Your reason doesn't convince me to be honest.

I request you to think carefully before proceeding with any decision.

Denied Applications / Re: Clan joining application-Sparker^
« on: January 20, 2019, 05:30:07 am »
Closed as per the applicant's request.

Denied Applications / Re: Clan joining application-Sparker^
« on: January 19, 2019, 03:53:59 pm »
i didnt know you and never seen you playing on anyservers and the Friendship is not everything to join KF you should skilled too so its a No from me.
Read this,  tranees cannot vote right now xd
first a fall im not a tarinee and even though i havent seen ya to im playing for 2 years have been in event staff and im not a noob im skilled you can test me too. sorry for replying but this was indeed breaking my respect

He was referring to Abdo* for trying to cast a vote upon your app, not you.

Accepted Applications / Re: Application-Abdoooooo
« on: January 19, 2019, 07:07:47 am »
Hello Abdo*,

It was indeed nice to see you base your interest upon the KF clan by posting an application, I hope you remain loyal to us this time.

I see you've received many positive votes, therefore,

Accepted as Trainee

Feel free to use the KFt tag wherever you go.

Accepted Applications / Re: Application-Abdoooooo
« on: January 16, 2019, 10:21:02 am »
Hey Abdo, It's nice to see you here again after a few years!

I know that you left us in the past, but I'm giving you my vote hoping that you'll prove loyalty to us this time.

Apart from that, you're a good guy with good skills,

Yes for KFt

Good luck.

Clan Leaving Applications / Re: Leaving- Maze
« on: January 09, 2019, 12:16:29 pm »
I'm hereby removing Maze from the clan as per his own wish,

Best of luck in the future Maze, I didn't like at all how you insulted and disrespected me, no one in KF expected it from you, but atleast now we know what to expect from you from now on... Especially after you told me today, 'fuck you and your clan' it's sad that you started to direct your insults at the entire clan too, including Stylish who is no more.

Thanks for giving your time and attention to the clan, it's a goodbye.

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